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Aches Away!'s practitioner Suzanne Chappell is a well qualified Massage Therapist and Medical Herbalist since 1991, providing gentle, effective Massage Therapy to Whangarei since 1999.  More recently she offers Flinchlock/Contact Care and she has specialised in Pain Neutralization Technique as taught by Dr Kaufman in USA since about 2005.

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 Suzanne Chappell  ITEC, Dip Phyt, MNZAMH
Pain Neutralization Specialist, Massage Therapist, Student Practitioner in Contact Care, Medical Herbalist

Suzanne Chappell went to England in 1989 to train as a Medical Herbalist and Massage Therapist.  She attended The School of Phytotherapy full time for 3 1/2 years full time and qualified in 1991 with a Diploma in Phytotherapy (Herbal Medicine) and ITEC Massage Therapy. 

She has completed various post graduate courses like Muscle Release Technique and Positional Release Technique with Wellpark College, Manual Mobilisation Courses 1, 2 and 3 and Natural Fertility Management with Francesca Naisch from Australia.

In 2005 Suzanne started learning Body Talk and has passed her examinations to qualify as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, has completed Module 1 through to Module 9, Advanced Module Integration and went to Brisbane to learn Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers.  She is no longer using BodyTalk in her clinic as has chosen other tehniques she prefers to use.

In 2011 Suzanne learnt the techniques taught by Stephen Kaufman, PNT (Pain Neutralization Technique), a non painful technique which she uses alot in her practice to help aches and pains usually very successfully. Suzanne travelled to Colorado, USA to attend a seminar run by Dr Kaufman and to extend her knowledge in Pain Neutralization.  She has attended many online Zoom seminars since.

In 2017 Suzanne started studying Contact Care/Flinchlock Technique which she is using as part of a treatment for Aches Away! clients.  She has now completed the study (2019).  She has not done the final exams and therefore has to say she is a Student Practitioner. 

Flinchlock helps to release pressure from bones that have been impacted due to suprise injury.  Even stubbing your toe can have an effect on your whole body and how you stand and walk!  Impacted bone causes compression, which can decrease blood supply and nutrients to organs and soft tissue, which can lead to disease.  It can also cause twisting throughout the body and a shift in the centre of gravity in the body.  The body has to compensate to stay upright, so the weight load is put on a different place in the body which can cause pain in other places.  The body has a hard job staying balanced and straight upright.  

In 2019 Suzanne trained to teach others a self help technique for Fibromyalgia, Long Covid and Chronic Fatigue. 

In 2021 Suzanne created a free Facebook Group Aches Away & Energize for Fibromyalgia, Long Covid & Chronic Fatigue. https://www.facebook.com/groups/suzannechappell

In 2021 Suzanne created the Aches Away & Energize online Health Program for Fibromyalgia, Long Covid and Chronic Fatigue


In 2022 Suzanne created the free online Increase Energy Workshop for Fibromyalgia, Long Covid & Chronic Fatigue which she runs monthly. 


Suzanne is a member of The NZ Association of Medical Herbalists

Suzanne is the owner and sole Practioner of Aches Away! Co Ltd in Maungatapere, Whangarei.

She has been practicing in Whangarei since 1999.  

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Suzanne Chappell
Aches Away!
71 Tatton Road, RD9

(only 10 minutes from the hospital)
Whangarei 0179

To find out availability or to book in:

Use the book now button:  

or Phone +64 9 4385385 or text 0274346635

or email suzanne@achesaway.co.nz  (emails checked in evenings only)