Gift Vouchers for Pain Neutralization Technique PNT online session

Looking for the perfect gift for Valentines Day/Christmas/a Birthday? 

Got a friend that is in pain and you want them to do something about it?

They don't even have to leave the house.

We can see them online and help them with their pain with PNT (Pain Neutralization).  

Use this link to receive an emailed gift voucher:


you can buy cardboard mailed out Gift Vouchers on this page.


We have gift vouchers for $65 (40 minutes) (+ p&p for the cardboard voucher version) for ONLINE Pain Neutralization Technique sessions.  We are not offering Contact Care / Flinchlock and Massage Therapy or the vouchers for them during Covid. 

Please note, if you choose this paper version of the voucher, allow at least 3 days for postal delivery or if you have left it too late, use the emailed voucher version blue link above.

  • This is for a 40 minute appt where we treat the recipient of this voucher ONLINE. It is not for at the clinic.
    How the online treatment works: Suzanne will show you where to find tender points and we will release these tender points using another part of the muscle or body so the treatment will not hurt, and is safe. We repeat this in different places which can help the symptomatic pain.
    We release tender points via nerve reflex which can improve or eliminate your pain symptoms. Yes, we do it online! This online option is if you want to stay safe and not enter a clinic during Covid or can't leave home, or just prefer online to save time.
    NZ$ 67.00

If you have any questions please phone +64 9 4385385 or text 0274346635.  For more information on Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) click on this blue link.