Money Back Guarantee

We have a money back guarantee for our online Pain Neutralization sessions.

Here are the conditions:

You do not have to have 3 treatments to feel improvement and a lot of people feel they only need 1, though a follow up is now very cheap and only for 20 minutes, I prefer you to have one follow up and we can work on other areas if nothing more is needed for your original complaint.  Your first session is 40 minutes so we can take notes and ask questions/case history.


But for the money back guarantee, you need to have 3 treatments to give Suzanne enough time to find all the tender spots and release them.  Also, if there is inflammation associated with your pain, this gives it a bit more time to settle down. 

Follow ups are short which make them cheap/affordable.  But there is no risk as you will get your money back after 3 sessions if your 1st/main complaint is not 50% or more improved. 

PNT follow ups are only 20 minutes as doing PNT for too long can make too many changes all at once, which can leave you a sore the next day, even though PNT does not hurt to do, especially since we do not do our release directly on the pain area you are complaining about.

For the guarantee, you need to follow these instructions or you could undo your treatment:

a  Do not poke/rub/massage into the symptomatic pain area you started with, or the sore points we found during the online treatment.

b  Do not wack the pain area (some people do this when they are explaining to others about their pain areas, which can inflame it even more)

c  Do not do stretches or hard out exercise or gardening for 24 hours after the treatment.

d. If you are someone that does stretches, or hard out exercise, if it hurts to stretch or exercise, you refrain from that stretch or particular exercise during the period of time we are treating you and 1 week after.  Note:  I have clients that have gone back to their job like 'building' which is hard out exercise and they have not undone their treatment.  I am talking more about voluntary hard out exercise, like the gym, where you can avoid during our treatment period, if needed.

e.  Let it all settle after your treatment so your body can get used to your muscles in a more relaxed position.

f.  VERY IMPORTANT:  Do not have other treatments with other practitioners or let anyone massage you, (friends can sometimes want to help!)  during the time period you are having Pain Neutralization with Aches Away! and 1 week after as it will be too much treatment at once and you can undo the work we have done.  And we won't know if the other treatment interfered with Pain Neutralization.

The inventor of Pain Neutralization (PNT) is a Chiropracter, Physio and Acupuncturist.  He no longer does these as he feels for his clients, PNT has quicker and better results.  

I have found, for my clients that PNT releases muscles and releases more pain far quicker and for a longer period of time than Massage Therapy.